I never planned to have a kennel.  It is one of those things that just evolved into being.
I always loved animals.  From the time I was able to say the words horse or dog, they have been part of my life.  I was the child who wanted to drag every stray home to stay.  The horses are now a thing of the past, but, there will be a dog until I can no longer function.
I have been blessed to have my dogs live to old age with the notable exception of a dog I rescued from the animal shelter. He was a wonderful animal and he disappeared from my folks farm at the start of duck season in 1997.  Even after calling all the vets, shelters, news media and placing flyers in as many area businesses as possible, he could not be found.  It was my quest to find a dog with his personality, disposition, and abilities which led me to find the Spinone.  The first time I looked into their eyes, I was hooked and I couldn't be happier about it.
After several months of research I called the Spinone Club of America to ask more questions.  I found out their 1998 annual specialty was about to begin in Kentucky.  Maxine Channon said 'Can you be there?'  I stuttered, said I didn't know but I would try.  I not only tried, I succeeded.
It was there I met Jan Naigus.  Jan had just bred her dog, Lia and I was able to get on her waiting list.  It was a long two months but it was so much fun going through the process.  I had it in my head, I wanted a brown female.  Well, Lia didn't have a brown female. Jan said she had an orange and white girl for me.  She could have been pea green with purple dots . . . I didn't care.  I just wanted the puppy I had been waiting for.  That beautiful puppy was Alle.  She became the foundation for Caccia Cane Kennel, but not without a lot of hard work being accomplished before hand.
Alle ran her NAVHDA Natural Ability test just before turning 16 months, earning a Prize III Score 96.  She earned her AKC Champion of Beauty title, AKC Junior Hunter title, became a Canine Good Citizen, and Certified Therapy Dog.  Her hips were X-ray's and her eyes examined and registered with the Canine Eye Registry Foundation.  It was only then, I talked with Jan about the possibility of breeding her.  With Jan's help, we selected a male and the foundation for Caccia Cane Kennel was laid.

Remember, no matter how great a family member, show dog, therapy dog, or obedience dog they are . . . first and foremost the Spinone is a hunting dog!  It is important to them.  Alle made that clear to me.  Check out Please Let me Hunt!
This page was last updated: February 3, 2007