It was bedtime.  I prepared for bed and made a last, quick, trip to the bathroom.  There was no need to turn on the light.  A small amount of light enters the room from a gas-light located outside and I am, after all, completely familiar with the layout of the bathroom.  Yeah!  Right!

    As I approached the toilet, I could see there was some strange, dark colored, thing either entering or coming out of the bowl.

    Now, we have all heard the horror stories about snakes, rats and other assorted creatures appearing in commodes.  Well, let me tell you, all of those things cross your mind in a flash. 

    I stopped dead in my tracks.  It takes a couple of seconds for your mind to process the wisdom of backing up a couple of steps and turning on the bathroom light.  So, for those few seconds I stood riveted in place, peering at the toilet and wondering what the creature was?

    Well, my brain finally kicked in and I turned on the light to expose the creature.

    Have you seen those footballs and soccer balls with the black elastic binder on four sides and a handle on each end, so you have something to hang on to while you are playing with your dog?  My dogs always remove the black elastic binder and use it for a toy by its self. . . . . Are you starting to get the picture??

    There is was, hanging over the edge of the toilet like some mysterious beast, the black elastic binder from Ezza’s football!

    As my pulse settled and my heart rate returned to normal, I reached for the sopping wet binder and to my amazement it was not the only surprise she had for me . . . . .

    There floating in the water was her favorite green and orange stuffed FROG!

    How can you argue with her logic?  You know, let your frog go swimming and leave him a rope to pull himself out with!

    As I think back on this incident, I’m sure I heard a Spinone giggle that night!

“A Spinone is not for those lacking a sense of humor or faint of heart for that matter”
This page was last updated: February 3, 2007