It was March in Illinois.  You know, that time of year when the weather changes every few minutes!
    We were experiencing 25-30 mile per hour, sustained winds with gusts to 60.
    Our NAVHDA Chapter was scheduled to meet that day so off we went to the hunt club.  There were several members present . . .
Spring fever starts about now . . .  Well, we decided to have our meeting, do a little work with the puppies close to the lodge so we didn’t have far to run to get warm and then head for home.
    Both the girls (Alle and Ezza) had gone with me but since we were not going to the field, only puppy Ezza had gotten out of the van.
    I said good-bye and headed down the road for home.  The winds were fierce.
    What is that noise?  Is it the wind?  It sounds like a whine, cry, sob . . It was Alle.  She knew where she was, even though she had never left the vehicle.  I’m sure she could smell the birds and she was crying.  Really crying!  She wanted to go hunting.
    How could I bring her to this place and not let her do what was she was born to do?
    Well, we were a mile down the road and my conscience wouldn’t let me go any further until Alle got to hunt.  I turned the van around and returned to the field.  We parked at the edge.  I was thankful for the old, warm hunting coat that is always in the car.  I bundled up and off we went.
    The wind was blowing so hard, it was difficult to walk and the wind chill had to be below zero.  It didn’t matter, I was warm!
    I was warmed by the sight of my best friend, running though the field.  First with her nose in the air, then low to the ground, doing what she was born to do.  She was hunting and she was happy!
    Twenty minutes later, we were back at the car.  Alle hopped in her kennel.  Was that a smile?  I’m sure it was.
    I know I felt better.  What do you mean my dogs are spoiled.  Well, maybe a little.  But we call it LOVE!

“The Spinone Italiano is born and bred to hunt.   Just how important that is to the dog, was driven home to me by Alle . . .”

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