Presenting the Puppies
Born February 2nd

This page was last updated: February 20, 2008
Welcome to the World!
Happy Groundhog Day!.
10th Born
An Angel came and took her 2.3.07
Puppy Tales
(Our Diary)
February 2nd.  We're not sure what it means but we hear we were born during a full moon on Ground Hog Day. 
February 3rd.  We got stuff tied around our necks today.  It seems to be OK.  We'll figure out what it is later.  Right now we just want to eat and sleep.
February 5th.  Wow, what a day this has been.  First we got stuck in a box all together.  Boy it was really warm.  Then we went on a long drive (whatever that is . . . something else to figure out later).  We got to a place called 'the vet'.  They were really nice to us for the most part.  They did pinch us a few times and stick us with a needle with thread . . . something happened to our tails . . . they are shorter now.  We went right to sleep afterward and then we were back in the box for another long drive.  It was good to get home.  We were really hungry.  We ate a lot and slept.
February 6th.  We feel much stronger today and we are all gaining weight.  Someone keeps picking us up and giving us hugs and kisses . . . we like it!
February 10th.  Wow, where did this week go.  We are already 1 week and 1 day old.  We are growing fast now and some of us can bark. 
February 11th.  We started getting collars.  Pink Girl, Red Boy, Blue Boy, Green Girl and even little Miracle got a tiny Black collar.
February 12th.  We had to wait a day but we are big puppies now . . . we got collars too!  Orange Boy, Yellow Boy, Purple Girl, Dark Green boy is now Burgandy Boy and Lime Green Girl is now Rainbow.
February 13th.  Number One . Dark Green Girl started to open her eyes.  She just likes being first to do things.  Yellow Boy was right behind her.  Hey, we boys can't let the girls out do us!
February 14th.  Happy Valentines Day, my foot, grandma tried to cut our toes off!  OK, it wasn't that bad . . . she called it a nail trimming.  Things are starting to go quickly now.  Rainbow Girl started to open her eyes and then when grandma wasn't looking she crawled out of the box and had a PRIVATE lunch with mom.  Who does she think she is?
February 15th.  We all got our pictures taken again today and we have more eyes starting to open.  Some of us are even starting to try to stand up and walk.  That is pretty funny.  We don't get far.  We just need to practice, practice, practice.
February 18th.  We all have our eyes open.  We stare a lot.
February 21st.  What the heck is with the flashey thingy . . . they keep saying 'Oh, that's a cute picture'.
That thing is bright.  How are we supposed to keep our eyes open with the bright flash?
February 23rd.  WooHoo!  We are 3 weeks old!  We have legs that work pretty good.  Some of us bark, one of us howls.  Grandma said something about starting formula and cereal . . . that sounds interesting.
February 24th. BooHoo.  The lights went out in Iowa and took out hot formula and cereal with them.  They called it an ice storm.  We stayed warm and mom kept us fed and getting fatter. It is kind of dark so we sleep a lot.  We really like moms bed the best.
February 27th.  WooHoo!  The lights came back on.  There is a lot going on . . . something called 'catching up'.
February 28th.  We got a hot meal!  Formula and cereal.  It's really yummy.  We all taste pretty good after eating it.
March 1st.  What is with this toenail thing?  She keeps trying to cut our toes off!  Grandma built a new pen in the other upstairs room.  She says we have to move to make room for Ayssa and her babies.  Ayssa has been hanging out with us for a few days.  She seems nice.
March 4th.  Well we are in our new room and there is sure a lot of stuff going on in our old room.  Ayssa is having her babies.  She cried real loud on the first one.  We peeked and they are sure little . . . not big puppies like us.
March 9th.  Grandma says the weather is getting real nice and we are too big to stay in this pen any longer so we get to move again . . . does that mean we're gypsyies?  It's raining today so we are moving tomorrow.
March 10th.  Wow, talk about room!  We have a new pen and a deck to play on.  The outside was kind of scary at first but now it is fun.  We get to eat out here and we can pee and poo away from our bed.  Mom stops by a couple of time a day . . . but she doesn't stay long.  We got to meet cousin JJ and Zeke.  They are pretty cool dudes.  A little tiny person came to see us.  She was cute and smelled real clean . . . we fixed that.  She smelled like us when she left.
March 11th.  Wow, it just keeps getting better and better!  Now we have a deck and a field!  The field was a lot of fun.  We played in the weeds and chewed on a few of them.  There is something called mud too!  JJ and Zeke told us about it and it is a lot of fun to walk in.  They said when we get good at it, we can have it all over us and people will really think we are cute and make over us a lot!  We're going to try it as soon as we get a chance.
March 15th.  We get to spend more time outside now.  The air smells so good and we have fun on the deck.
March 17th.  We had company today so we got lots of hugs and kisses and we played with a deer antler.  One of the boys is going to be a shed hunter . . . sounds like fun, but we don't know what it really is.
March 18th.  Wow, grandma tried to cut our toes off again!  We are getting used to it now and she never hurts us.  Then she looked us over from stem to stern.  She even looked in our mouth . . . something about checking our bites?  No matter, we just love being handled.
March 20th.  This was a BIG day.  Grandma loaded all of us in the van and took us to the vet.  We got shots and microchips.  It wasn't bad at all.  Only one of us cried when we got chipped and we all got to pee on the vets floor . . . that'll teach 'em.  Then Grandma took us to the Galesburg house and we played in the yard for a long time.  She said it was good for us to go different places.  Then we got back in the car and headed home.  At home, we followed Grandma to the field and played some more.  We played a trick on her when it was time to go in.  Eight of us followed her while two of us ducked under the pontoon blind so she couldn't find us.  You should have seen her running around calling us.  We finally came out.
March 21st.  There is this stuff called RAIN and we were out in it.  It was kind of fun getting all wet.  Not as much fun as playing in our water bowl but still fun.
March 22nd.  It rained part of the day again.
March 23rd.  More rain!  When will it end?  Grandma says the water is coming up in the swamp and the motorhome needs to be moved out before the roads get too soft or the water gets too high.
March 24th.  The worst part of raising puppies is letting them leave . . . that time is here.  My Miracle left today.  She has a wonderful family and will be living with her 1/2 sister but I miss her anyway.
March 28th.  Blue boy, AKA Fonzie, had to go to the vet today.  We can't be sure, but it looks like he got stung by a wasp.  Great, we wanted warm weather, but then this happens.  His little eyes are swollen and he has a bump on the left side of his head.  He was a brave boy and the doctor said he will be fine.  I feel so bad for him, but he doesn't act like anything is wrong.
March 30th.  We are 8 weeks old today and Fonzie is leaving for Colorado.
March 31st.  Charrah wonders what is going on.  She sees her babies leaving but she doesn't understand why.  Jo's (Red boy) mom picked him up today.  She really loves him.  Willa (Lime girl) left this afternoon.  Her family looked very happy and she was so cute sitting on the back seat.  She gets to fly to Nevada.
April 2nd.  Francescia (green girl) and Fabio (Orange boy) got to fly home to Tennessee with their new mom and dad today.  They are already getting settled in and doing well.
April 7th.  Bella (Pink girl) left today.  Mom wanted to keep her but her new family lost their dog and needed her more.   It has gotten pretty cold again so the rest of us are spending a lot of time in the living room playing with toys.  We also get to go for walks in the field.
April 9th.  We all went to Galesburg today to see our doctor.  Steve (Burgandy boy) needed a health certificate so he can fly home on Wednesday and Stella (Purple girl) got her shot and we all got something called a worm pill.  Hmmm!
We don't have worms but the pill was OK.
April 10th.  Tiggs (Yellow boy) mom and dad picked him up today and took him to his new vet for his shot.  They are going on vacation so he gets to stay with us and go to Virginia next week.  He will go live with them when we all get back home.  Grandma said tomorrow will be a big day.  Steve leaves and something called the 'little heathens' will be moving downstairs.  We can't wait to see them.  We've been hearing them and they sound like a fun group.
April 19th.  We don't know what a Specialty is but we are on our way . . . Carley and Tiggs.  Grandma and Kandi keep talking about hunt test, dog shows, and seeing all the people and dogs.  It sounds like we are going to have fun.  Carley's mom will meet us there and Tiggs family will be home from vacation and waiting for us to get back.  A thousand miles sounds like a long way to go!  Terracina, Zeke and JJ are with us and this gray box keeps following us . . . just what is a trailer?
April 20th-29th.  Wow, they weren't kidding.  There are people and dogs everywhere we go.  Everyone seems to like us.  We are getting lots of hugs and kisses and people keep taking our pictures.
We were in a dog show!  We both got a ribbon and a toy.  I'm don't know why but a lot of people were laughing . . . probably because we are so cute.  Carley went home with her new mom and grandma says my new mom and dad will be waiting for me.
April 30th.  Wow, that was quite a trip.  We all had a great time but I'm looking forward to my new home too!  Mom and Dad came for me (Tiggs) right after we got home.  I got to meet my new brother, Luca.  He is one big dude.  I'm going to bite his ears and legs and bring him DOWN!
July 31st.  The summer is flying by and the babies are growing like weeds.  Some I get to hear about or see on a regular basis and others not at all or only occasionally.  That is the hard part of raising a litter . . . letting them go and praying they have a good life and wanting to hear about them and see pictures.

My Tiny Miracle Baby
Hey, Aren't we getting too big for this
Grandma Visits . What's a Grandma?
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This was our world during and after the storm.  The sign says how we felt.